Pumps for Flammable Liquids

SCP-6500 Pumps with Static Conductive Plastic

Special Features:  SCP-6500 Pumps allow class 1 and 2 flammable liquids to be pumped using GoatThroat® Pumps’ unique technology and meets NFPA 30 standards.  See the new NFPA 30 by clicking on the NFPA logo on the right.

Applications ranges:  Alcohols, flammable solvents, volatile hydrocarbons.

The latest pumping solution for spill-free, environmentally safe transfer of flammable liquids is in production now.  The SCP-6500  Pumps are available now.  Featuring a grounding wire and a bonding wire and made with conductive plastic, the SCP-6500 Pumps allow users of flammable liquids to ground the pumps, making them safe for use with  class 1 and 2 flammables.  All components of this new pump which come in contact with the fluid are created with conductive plastic, so there is grounding of the liquid, the pump, and, with correct bonding, to the container. Created for most demanding safety programs, these pumps meet NFPA 77 which requires that the path to ground must prevent the accumulation of static electricity in conductive equipment.  The SCP-6500 pumps feature the same breakthrough technology which has made GoatThroat® the most trusted name in transfer pumps.
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See the white paper on the SCP-6500 pumps.

A worldwide leader in environmentally preferable liquid transfer solutions, GoatThroat® Pumps are designed to fit containers and drums from 5 to 55-gallons, are available in four models for chemical compatibility, and have a cost-effective life expectancy of 10 to 15 years. Made in the USA, they provide for spill-proof, safe transfer of over 1300 fluids and solvent.

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