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Specialty Pump Solutions for Purity

When liquid purity is important, GoatThroat® has the answer. The Kalrez® -Teflon® custom-built gasket and o-ring version of our polypropylene pumps will give you the fluid purity you need for your application. These are offered with standard elastomers for non-fluid pathway components as well as an all Kalrez® -Teflon® version for blended chemicals.

Please complete this document prior to ordering to help you in the selection process. Please answer all questions so that you get the correct pump, adapters for your container as well as any accessories.

Something else to consider: technical or industrial grade chemicals have greater amounts of impurities than reagent or laboratory grade chemicals. These impurities can adversely affect the elastomers in the fluid path of your pump and make them fail far sooner than expected with laboratory or reagent grade chemicals

GoatThroat® has created a line of replacement and rebuild parts for the fluid patch made of Kalrez® or compressible Teflon® coated o-rings to address this issue. Offered are parts for self-installation, factory installation or factory rebuild. Some parts will still be made of standard elastomers. Also offered is a specialty pump for blended chemicals when no standard elastomer will work.

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