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A remote discharge tap can greatly extend the versatility of GoatThroat pumps. Ideal for transfer of liquids and chemicals from large drums, the remote nozzle allows precise, one-hand flow control, leaving the other hand free for work.

The thumb-operated tap dispenses liquids as easily as using a faucet. Pressurized liquids can be easily transferred to levels up to 6 feet higher than the container, which is impossible with traditional gravity-fed liquid transfer methods. And our patented drip-proof design helps keep work areas clean and prevent potentially hazardous spills.

Please complete this document prior to ordering to help you in the selection process. Please answer all questions so that you get the correct pump, adapters for your container as well as any accessories.

Remote discharge taps are available and hosing is purchase separately. Please check compatibility of your liquid with the hose guides which can be viewed here. Taps and body barb fitting are made of polypropylene.

All hoses are 1/2-inch ID. Food Grade PVC is offered and Tygon 2375 hose, also food grade, is available for special applications. Tygon 200S, FEP-lined hose, is available for very aggressive fluid applications. Tygon 4040 is available for fuel applications.We also offer Viton and EPDM hose for specialty applications.

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