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Please complete this document prior to ordering to help you in the selection process. Please answer all questions so that you get the correct pump, adapters for your container as well as any accessories.

This maintenance-free, environmentally sound, chemical drum pump allows fast, safe transfer of more than 1300 liquids and chemicals. Made in the USA, this series is food grade.

Fits nearly any container from 2-gallon jugs to 55-gallon drums. Just pump a few strokes to pressurize, then dispense precisely controlled amounts with one touch of the tap — as easily as opening and closing a faucet.

Patented leak-proof design conserves inventory, keeps work areas clean and prevents potentially hazardous spills. And unlike expensive electrical pumps, GoatThroat pumps cost less, require no power, and create no potential sparking hazard.

Please read our Food Grade Documentation.

See Chemical Guide above for pump selection or call one of our experts at +1.646.486.3636.

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