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Vapor DeGreaser Pumps delivers Fluids to Solvent Vapor Degreasers and other high VOC materals with no Emissions.

Applications ranges: Chlorinated Solvents and Fluorinated Solvents such as Novec™ HFE and Azeotropes.

With current transfer methods and because of the highly evaporative nature of both fluorinated and chlorinated solvents, users of vapor degreasers lose substantial inventory when transferring the fluids from storage containers to the vapor degreasers.

GoatThroat® Pumps has developed a system to deliver the fluids from the container through the vapor zone of the vapor degreaser directly to the fluid chamber with no loss of liquid. The GoatThroat® System eliminates the fugitive inventory loss and helps to keep the work environment cleaner from such emissions.

The GoatThroat® VSP-6800 System features the GT300 Pump with Viton seals, the RT300 remote discharge nozzle outfitted with Tygon FEP lined 200SE flexible hose, and a hard plastic pipe which delivers the fluids directly into the chamber below the chillers. While the system can be operated by hand, a BGA Pneumatic Adapter can be added to the system to increase ease of use when shop air is present.

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