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Returnable/refillable containers are increasingly mandated or recommended by EPA’s new regulations in the many industries. Bulking up landfills with throwaway containers just doesn’t make sense any more. Sealed pumping systems using the one-way MicroMatic™ valve are now available using GoatThroat Pumps’ unique technology. The GT-MM increases productivity and environmental stewardship while decreasing worker exposure.
IN THE FIELD for herbicides and pesticides; plus, it has the added benefit of eliminating the need to triple rinse in the field!
IN THE GREENHOUSE it decreases worker exposure to corrosive chemicals and VOCs.
Available options include a remote discharge tap for controlled delivery of the liquid to point of use and a pneumatic adapter for compressors/shop air. The GoatThroat™ GT-MM is now part of the environmental program for the returnable/reusable NuFarm Chemical containers. For use with 30, 55 and IBC totes. Please refer to chemical guide for pump selection or call one of our experts at 866-639-4628

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