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Tubing is available for your remote discharge nozzle or other applications. NEW: PTFE hose is now offered in 5 foot and 10 foot lengths. Please check compatibility with your liquid by reviewing the PVC Tubing Compatibility Guide and the TYGON Tubing Compatibility Guide in our accessories pages under “flexible hosing”:. We offer Tygon Chemical Resistant 2375 tubing, Tygon 200SE which is lined with FEP, and Tygon 4040 which is gas and oil hose, as well as Viton and EPDM hosing. All hoses are 1/2-inch ID. With your order, these will be fully assembled on to your remote discharge nozzle.

Please complete this document prior to ordering to help you in the selection process. Please answer all questions so that you get the correct pump, adapters for your container as well as any accessories.

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