Industrial Hygiene News – December 2016

“It can be catastrophic to a company if toxic or highly flammable material is accidentally released at the point of use,” says Deborah Grubbe, PE, CEng, and founder of Operations and Safety Solutions, a consulting firm specializing in industrial safety.  “Companies have to assume that if something can go wrong during chemical transfer, it will, and take appropriate precautions to prevent what could be significant consequences.”

Hazmat Magazine, November 2016

“Every day industrial workers transfer potentially hazardous chemicals, such as solvents, acetones, lubricants, cleansers, and acids, from large drums into smaller containers, or into machinery.  This transfer of chemicals at the point of use, however, can have serious consequences when manual “tip-and-pour” techniques or poorly designed pumps are used.  …  ”

November 2008 Article in Water and WasteWater Management

CASE STUDY BRIEF Killing weeds is not one of the primary responsibilities of a water and wastewater management facility, but it does require some care to do the job well and in compliance with the California Title 3 Pesticide Regulations.

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September 2007 – Story appeared in California Farmer

CASE STUDY BRIEF Rancho Rodoro Avocado Farm owner needed a better way to control chemicals which controlled phytopthera root rot.

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September 2006: Skykits recommends GoatThroat Pumps (141 k)

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May 2004 Newsletter (299 k)

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August 2003 article in IMPO (139 k)

March 2003 article in World Pump Magazine (215 k)

  • A synopsis of research conducted by Westcott Distribution to assess potential for sales of GoatThroat Pumps in the Middle East.

Controlling Phytopthera Root Rot Story appeared in California Farmer, September, 2007

December 2002 Newsletter (222 k)

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November 2002 article in World Pump Magazine (357 k)

  • How thermoplastics can solve corrosion and contamination problems often caused by the use of metallic materials in pumps. By Nancy Westcott of Westcott Distribution and Jane Callahan of Fordham University.

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