Capabilities Statement

DUNS Number:              021552471     CAGE Code:                   3XWR9

SAM Registration:         Active            Accept Credit Card:        Yes

WOSB Registered:         Yes                 WBENC Certified:           Yes

CORE COMPETENCIES  GoatThroat Pump’s unique technology help companies reduce hazmat incidents and save money at their manufacturing facilities by preventing costly chemical spills and the associated cost of reporting and manufacturing downtime.  The systems mitigate worker compensation claims by preventing workers exposure to hazardous chemicals and by eliminating repetitive motion and other injuries.

  • Prevents costly chemical spills and splashing
  • Mitigates worker compensation claims
  • Controlled delivery of chemicals prevents waste and conserves inventory
  • Helps meet E.H.S. and sustainability requirements
  • R.C.R.A. empty barrels meet Government regulations
  • Prevents worker exposure to hazardous chemicals and emissions
  • Chemicals purchased in bulk (55 g) can save up to $2500 per month
  • 10 year life expectancy saves repeat purchasing of new equipment
  • Eliminates repetitive motion and other injuries
  • Provides jobs for Americans with Disabilities

Gravity transfer from drums stored on their sides can cause leaks, spills and lost

inventory. Leakproof, spillproof GoatThroat pumps are hand pressurized for quick transfer from vertical drums. Safe, simple and inexpensive, GoatThroat pumps are quickly making management of liquids easier and more efficient.These pumps are engineering controls for fluids which are designed to minimize the hazards associated when transferring liquids.

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