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thomas-bannercost-of-ownershipWhat is the real cost of pump ownership?

Take a closer look at the chart.  Inventory loss from  spills and evaporation plus clean up cost are one of the many things  affect the actual cost of ownership of hand pumps.  GoatThroat Pumps’ sealed systems eliminate many hidden costs and pay for themselves within the first 2 months of ownership.

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Why use GoatThroat Systems?

Safe, Simple, Save and Sustain.  Install on barrels and pails easily;  precisely control the amount of liquid dispensed with beer-tap style configuration at rates up to 4 GPM; empty containers to RCRA empty standards.  See the brochure for more.

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gt-thomas-questionaireSelect the right system for the situation

Answer the questions in the selection document to help figure it out.  It is a step-by-step guide and includes option for delivery of liquids at a distance from from the container.  Then either send the document to your Thomas Sales Rep or order on line.

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What are the choices?

Systems are engineered for all container sizes, for flammable liquids, standard liquids, pneumatic operation. See the line card.

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