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GoatThroat® Pumps and accessories are quickly making the management of liquids more efficient in a wide range of industries from agriculture to zookeeping. Made in the USA, this small, versatile pump is safe for use with more than 1300 liquids, including the most commonly used industrial chemicals, fuels, fertilizers, and even the most aggressive acids, caustics and solvents.


“Great Pump for a $400 per gallon chemical. No leaks, no fumes, it paid for itself the first time we used it.”

Unlike expensive electrical pumps, GoatThroat® Pumps cost less, require no power, and create no potential sparking hazard. With only three moving parts, the pumps are nearly maintenance-free. Constructed of 100% non-reactive polypropylene, GoatThroat® Pumps are exceptionally durable to assure long service and reliability in even the most demanding industrial environments.

“The best fluid pumps that my team has found. Drip-proof design works as advertised.”

Commercial and industrial applications:

  • Transferring fuel, lubricants, degreasers & brake fluids to vehicles and aircraft
  • Decanting chemical concentrates to smaller containers for mixing or dilution
  • Applying coolants to metals in tool manufacture
  • Dispensing cleaning fluids from drums to small containers or sprayers
  • Rapidly emptying large containers at rates of flow up to 4.5 gallons per minute
  • Dispensing chemicals for sanitation or solvents for electronic manufacturing

 “Pump supplies acetone to all of plant. With no electric needed, complies with all safety regs for classified locations. With the addition of the BGA pneumatic adapter there is no maintenance to the system needed.”

An optional remote discharge kit with extension hose and thumb-operated tap is ideal for transfer of liquids and chemicals in hard to reach locations. The remote nozzle allows precise, one-hand flow control, leaving the other hand free for work.

GoatThroat® Pumps allow pressurized liquids to be easily transferred to levels up to 8 feet higher than the container, which is impossible with traditional gravity-fed liquid transfer methods.

Simple, hand-pressurized GoatThroat® Pumps require no electrical power, making them ideal for use anywhere in the facility. They are proudly made and assembled in the USA

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