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Dec 17 manufacturing

Recommended by several chemical company, there is no doubt that GoatThroat Pumps improve worker and chemical safety in greenhouses, fields, golf courses, vineyards, utility ways and more.  Users all agree that spill prevention beats clean up for most agricultural applications including:

  • Applying fertilizers, hormones, fungicides, wetting agents and pesticides to plants in greenhouses, fruit groves and fields.
  • Decanting insecticide concentrates to smaller containers for mixing or dilution.
  • Transferring fuel, lubricants & brake fluids to vehicles.

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GoatThroat pumps are safe for use with more than 1300 liquids — including the most commonly used fuels, fertilizers, hormones, and even the most expensive pesticide concentrates. Several of our published case histories appear on the side of this page.

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